Bone Conduction BoCo~Listening to sounds through the bones, not through the eardrums~

Promotion and sales channel development

We provide support in the promotion and sales channel development for BoCo Inc. that develops bone conduction earphones for listening to music as well as for communication, as a solution to juvenile hearing loss and elderly hearing loss. Through our support, we help BoCo Inc. to increase brand recognition and acquire new customers.

Kyoto Marubeni

Branding & promotion

We support Kyoto Marubeni that sells the kimono, a significant and traditional product in Japanese culture. We develop brand creation for entering new markets and promote to improve brand recognition.


Market analysis, planning, and product development support

We constantly research and analyze changing markets and trends of other companies.Based on that, we propose merchandising plan proposals, product planning, sample development, and retail store verification, thereby contributing to the customer's product development.