The Brand Marketing Team analyzes customer issues from customers and provides solutions according to their needs, from brand development to licensing, promotion, and market expansion support.

  • Research and Analysis

    • Consumer surveys and analysis (quantitative and qualitative)
    • Information gathering and analysis of domestic and overseas market trends
    • Research and analysis of domestic and international brands
  • Brand Development

    • Licensing proposals and IP management
    • Collaboration proposals
    • Branding support

    Examples:Concept development, naming and logo proposals, product and promotion proposals, etc.

  • Promotion and Market Expansion Support

    • Preparation of comprehensive marketing plans
    • Direction and production support for media representation (paper-based, websites, and SNS etc.)
    • Event planning and implementation support
    • Support in new customer development


The Product Planning Team determines market trends based on the information accumulated daily, and makes integrated proposals on products, such as on textiles, design, patterns, and the merchandising plan.

  • Fashion Trend Analysis

    • Overseas fashion week
    • Overseas trade show trends
    • Seasonal textile and color information
    • Monthly domestic retail store trend information
    • Domestic street trend information
  • Seasonal Direction Creation

  • Product Planning Proposal

    • Merchandising plans
    • Textiles, colors, and graphics
    • Product design
    • Specifications and pattern creation
    • Graphics creation


The Textile Department develops and proposes original textiles to meet the needs of customers, in collaboration with our network of domestic and overseas textile suppliers.

  • Development of original textiles in collaboration with suppliers
  • Development of sales channels and promotion of the textile brands produced by our company
  • Selection of textiles from domestic and international production area to respond to the trends and customer needs


From the perspective of protecting consumers, the Technical Department provides support with quality and compliance issues in order to deliver high quality and safe textiles and garments to customers.

  • Prepare the contents for care labels
  • Provide advice on quality improvement for clothing and apparel accessories
  • Review internal compliance documents
  • Post the latest information on quality and legal matters
  • Respond to inquiries and complaints from consumers
  • Collect information on overseas standards such as ISO